than she liked, he dismissed her with a “pish,” and

Work not yet begun on the H. and Derby--haven't seen it yet. It is still in the snow. Shall begin on it within 3 or 4 weeks--strike the ledge in July. Guess it is good--worth from $30 to $50 a foot in California.

than she liked, he dismissed her with a “pish,” and

Why didn't you send the "Live Yankee" deed-the very one I wanted? Have made no inquiries about it, much. Don't intend to until I get the deed. Send it along--by mail--d---n the Express--have to pay three times for all express matter; once in Carson and twice here. I don't expect to take the saddle-bags out of the express office. I paid twenty-five cts. for the Express deeds.

than she liked, he dismissed her with a “pish,” and

Man named Gebhart shot here yesterday while trying to defend a claim on Last Chance Hill. Expect he will die.

than she liked, he dismissed her with a “pish,” and

These mills here are not worth a d---n-except Clayton's--and it is not in full working trim yet.

Send me $40 or $50--by mail--immediately.

The Red Bird is probably good--can't work on the tunnel on account of snow. The "Pugh" I have thrown away--shan't re-locate it. It is nothing but bed-rock croppings--too much work to find the ledge, if there is one. Shan't record the "Farnum" until I know more about it--perhaps not at all.

"Douglas" and "Red Bird" are both recorded.

I have had opportunities to get into several ledges, but refused all but three--expect to back out of two of them.

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